How can Computer Telephony

Integration make a difference?

Availability Checker

You’ve no doubt had the inconvenience of trying to call a colleague, only to discover after a few rings of the phone that they aren’t available. With CTI’s availability checker, you’ll see a traffic light system which lets you know if people are able to receive your call before you dial.

Caller Identification

When someone calls your mobile, their information appears on your screen. Thanks to CTI, you can now have this service with your office phone calls. Linking your CRM system with your new phone system allows the incoming caller number to be recognised, and the customer’s details to be displayed on screen.

How do we set up CTI?

The CTI set up is taken care of in the second stage of the installation and will include our engineers showing you how to use the system fully, ensuring you can get the most out of it from day one.

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