Phone System Installation

Once you’ve placed the order for your new office phone system with Ripple, you’ll be keen to know just how quickly and smoothly the system can be installed. Our team of nationwide engineers are on hand to install and train your team on all the great new features they’ll be using.

How long does an installation take?

A full telephone system installation can take up to three months. However, you will have working phones sent to you within two weeks of signing up with Ripple. When the engineer is on-site, 95% of our installations are completed within one day. That day also includes a thorough tutorial session with you and your team where our engineer will show you how to use the great new features that you now have access to.

Who is installing the system?

We have engineers based across the UK and they are responsible for both installing your new phone system and showing you how to use it to its full capabilities. All of our engineers are fully employed by us, so you can be assured that they are experts on the systems we use and have undergone thorough training with us.

What levels of support are available?

We understand that every business needs to keep running, which is why we provide a two-stage installation process. This allows us to install your new system alongside your old one and then switch over when the setup is complete, meaning your business continues to operate as normal.

Is there any downtime?

Thanks to the two-stage process that comes as standard with all of our installations, downtime is avoided in most cases. If there is any exception to that rule, our engineers will consult with you to discuss the best way to minimise any disruption to your business.

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