How could they work

for your business?

National appearance

If you want to provide your product or service on a national level, then using a non-geographical telephone number can portray this for you because you’ll be using a generic number rather than a regional area code.

Be more memorable

You may just want a telephone number that is easily memorable for customers, suppliers and staff. A memorable number can be a beneficial when competing against your competitors.

Analyse marketing activity

A non-geographic telephone number can also be used for marketing purposes. It can help measure the success of a marketing or advertising campaign so you can assess which campaign has delivered the best ROI, generated the most calls or sales. You are restricted by just one number, why not have a different number for each campaign, giving you full insight into your activities.

Something to think about

You may not be aware but Non-Geographical telephone numbers are regulated. In 2014 there was a change in the law to forbid the use of premium rate non-geographical numbers (084, 087 or 09) for any type of calls relating to customer support or aftersales. However, you can still use these numbers but you must ensure the caller is not paying any more than a local or basic rate for the call. The easiest way of adhering to this legislation is to use a local rate telephone number which will usually start with an 01, 02 or 03.

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