BlueSkies Marketing re-signed with us in 2015 and have now been a customer for over 5 years. We spoke to their MD Steve Brown to find out why they asked for our help with their business phone system and how their experience has been with us so far.

“We were formed in 1998 by myself and my wife Donna who is the other owner of the business. We do everything from creating websites, from creating brochures every aspect of communication. Everything we do is designed to help our clients basically.

We were with another telecoms company, and we decided to upgrade our system. We went out to a few companies 4Com being one. They actually seemed to understand what we wanted from our system. What would fulfill all of our requirements, but also, I would have to say that they were priced very sensibly which is it an important factor for a small business. So in 2012 we first signed up with 4Com. That was as a result of everything which they offered to us. Which we found was faultless and better than anything else that had been offered.

The reason we re-signed in 2015 was basically for the previous three years, there’s probably only been one or two occasions where we’ve needed to contact them to sort out problem. The one time I recall, an engineer came out the next day and sorted out the problem immediately so that gives me that the security that I need, I’m happy with the service.

I find CTI really system really useful I used to be a victim of looking at a number about four times and dialling it in and convincing myself that I’ve got it wrong, so I’d start again. So double clicking and just being able to call
whoever I want just at a double-click is really useful and also we have a centralized address book in our system. That we use and the convenience in just looking up a contact and double-clicking their number and it calling them straight away is really great.

Intelligent voicemail is probably the most useful thing that we use our managers and directors are out at meetings and things so rather than somebody having to take a handwritten message then put an email and send it to somebody it’s just a lot easier just put that person through to a voicemail and that automatically gets emailed you know they’ve all got a smartphones. So it all comes through on their telephones nice and simple.

They really did extremely well on all aspects, so the pricing, the service the quality of the system. It was an easy decision for us to take we will stick with 4Com for the foreseeable future. It’s a good relationship.”

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